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Hating the enemies of Ahlul Bait (as)

--- Proof of Love of Ahlul Bait (as) ---

 إن الله لم يجعل لرجل من قلبين في جوفه يحب بهذا ويبغض بهذا ، اما محبنا فيخلص الحب لنا كما يخلص الذهب بالنار لاكدر فيه .... فمن أراد أن يعلم حبنا فليمتحن قلبه فإن شارك في حبنا عدونا فليس منا ولسنا منه والله عدوه وجبرئيل وميكائيل والله عدو للكافرين

Imam Ali (as) said: "Allah has not made for any man two hearts in his (one) body (33:4). Such that he loves with one heart and hates with one heart. This cannot happen. Our friends have such a pure love with us like purity of gold when put into fire".....

..."Whoever wants to know whether he loves us or not, he should test his heart, if he includes the love of our enemies with our love then he is not with us and we are not with him. And Allah (swt), Jibraeel, Mikaeel are his enemies. And Allah(swt) is the enemies of the Kafir."

Source: Taweel Al Aayat Pg.439, Bihar Al Anwar Vol.24 Pg.318

--- Those who dont do Tabarra againt the enemies of Imam Ali (as) ---

وبإسناده عن الحسين بن سعيد ، عن النضر ، عن يحيى الحلبي ، عن ابن مسكان ، عن إسماعيل الجعفي قال : قلت لابي جعفر ( عليه السلام ) : رجل يحب أمير المؤمنين ( عليه السلام ) ولا يتبرأ من عدوه ويقول : هو أحب إلي ممن خالفه ، فقال : هذا مخلط وهو عدو ، فلا تصل خلفه ولا كرامة إلا أن تتقيه .

And by his isnad form al-Husayn b. Sa`id from an-Nadr from Yahya al-Halabi from Ibn Muskan from Isma`il al-Ju`fi. He said: I said to Abu Ja`far (as): A man who loves Amir al-Mu'mineen (as) but does not do bara'a from his enemies, and he says: He [Imam Ali (as)] is more beloved to me from those who opposed him. So Imam (as) said: This is a confused (person) and he is an enemy, so do not pray behind him, not at all, unless you fear him.

Source: Man la Yahzarul Faqih Vol.1 Pg.380, Wasail-us-Shia Vol.8 Pg.309

--- Imam Ali (as) doing Tabarra ---

يقول سُليم: (ثم ذكر علي عليه السلام) عائشة وخروجها من بيتها وما ركبت منه فقال عمار يا أمير المؤمنين كفّ عنها فإنها أمك, فترك الإمام ذكرها و أخذ في شيء آخر(اي تناول موضوعا آخر), ثم عاد إلى ذكرها فقال أشد مما قال أولا فقال عمار يا أمير المؤمنن كف عنها فإنها أمك, فأعرض عن ذكرها ثم عاد الثالثه فقال أشد مما قال, قال فقال عمار كفّ عنها فإنها امك , فقال عليه السلام: كلا, إنّي مع الله على من خالفه و إنّ أمكم ابتلاكم الله بها ليعلم أمعه تكونون أم معها

Then Ali (as) talked about Ayshah and her leaving the house and what she did to Ali (as). So Ammaar said: 'O Ameerul Momineen you leave talking about her because she is your mother.' He [Ali (as)] stopped talking about her and started another matter. Then he [Ali (as)] returned towards mentioning her and said stronger things than before. Ammaar said again: 'O Ameerul Momineen you leave talking about her. She is your mother.' Then he [Ali (as)] turned away from talking about her, but returned to it third time and said even stronger matter than the second time. Then Ammaar said: 'O Ameerul Momineen keep away from her because she is your mother.' So he (as) said: 

"Never! I am with Allah. I do not care about those who oppose Allah. Surely Allah has tested you through your mother (Ayesha), so it becomes known whether you are with him or with her." 

Source: Kitab Sulaym Ibn Qays al-Hilaali Hadees-67

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